January 6th, 2008


Things to the good...

Yesterday, my long-lost friend Charles called and we had a chance to catch up.  While I'm far more pleased than not that I can't play online games like City of Heroes without getting headaches, finding out that he's really into it does make it tempting.  So many of my great supers gaming experiences were at the same table with him; it would be nice to be able to play together again.

Got a lot of house cleaning done yesterday.  More in process today.  My goal is to get my study back in some form of shape.

Wally-World had the complete collection of the recent Mummy movies for under fifteen bucks.  I had none of them on DVD.  Now I have them all.  I have no illusions about their quality, but the first two were a lot of fun (in fact, I maintain that the first is one of the great gamer movies of all time).  I've never seen "The Scorpion King," so I don't know what to expect from it.

Made chana masala basically from scratch for dinner.  It came out quite good.

Memories of Ice is the best of the Malazan novels I've read so far.