January 9th, 2008

Count Dante


Because I've got training next week, I've been slogging through a list of things to have done by the end of this week longer than my arm.  OK, slight exaggeration.  But it was about twenty items on Monday and it's down to about half that now.

I celebrated by going to pick up funnybooks, and ran into j_in_question, which gave me a chance to congratulate him personally on his recent Canadian nuptuals.  I'm still not clear why he had to flee the country to get married.  Normally one flees the country to avoid such a fate.

Anyway, busy means not much of interest to report, so there ya have it.
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Crankyland. Population: Me

I'm being more bearish than usual right now.  I think I'm just stressed over work and tired and sick of being worried about my dad and everything is just setting me off.

Sadly, Jane is bearing the brunt of my growling and ire.

The most recent offender was someone from our church who included me in a mass emailing expressing a number of opinions I don't share with them about the removal of our ministry team and a planned "action" to address some of the issues at an upcoming board meeting.

This pisses me off so badly I can barely see straight.  The sheer presumption that I share their views, from someone I frankly couldn't pick out of a police lineup.  This is the same fucking Big Tent mentality that I used to loathe and despise in the SCA.

And when I went to rant about it, Jane thought I was mad about the contents as opposed to the presumption.  And I yelled at her.

Not for the first time this evening, I might add.

Executive Summary:  I suck to be around right now, and Jane doesn't deserve it.

On the plus side, Dad's doing a lot better.  The latest blood tests showed no sign of infection, they've put in a new shunt, and they're releasing him to a different rehab facility tomorrow or so.
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