January 11th, 2008


So many gravel quarries...

Yesterday, thanks to the miracle of the internet, I tracked down a copy of "Dr. Who And The Curse of Fatal Death," a short (20 minute) parody done in 1999 for the Comic Relief charity in England.

I'm not a big fan of the older series.  If they'd all been like this, I might have, though.  Great fun.  Great casting (Rowan Atkinson as The Doctor* and Jonathan Pryce as The Master).  Stephen Moffat's first ever Dr. Who screenwriting credit.  Time travel jokes out the wazoo.  Regeneration jokes out the wazoo.  Dalek jokes out the wazoo.  Funny.

*Succeeded in rapid order by Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, and Joanna Lumley.
Emo Superman


Mom called.  Turns out the nasty infection Dad picked up got to his heart.  They ran some sort of scope on him today to check the extent of the damage.  It did some harm to his aortal valve, but not enough, in the cardiologist's assessment, to require surgical correction.  He's going to be on massive antibiotics and heart monitoring for a while. I guess the best news in all of this is he's already in the hospital, the same one that got him through quintuple bypass years ago.

I just have a feeling this really is the beginning of the end for him.  Maybe I'm wrong, but it sure feels that way.
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Thanks for all the kind thoughts, folks.  Jane talked some sense into me and made me realize that I'm looking at this with far more fatalism than is probably warranted at the moment.  Her mom took us out for dinner (Indian) and we picked up some HEB French Onion Dip (best in the world) afterwards.  Am now setting up M-I-L's new notebook PC.
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