January 20th, 2008

Awesome Bear!

Cool Toy For Gamers Or Writers

The Fantasy Oracle

Choose a number of story elements you want and it spits them out at random.  The results are remarkably evocative.  For instance:
  • Items: The head of a high war-captain, in a carved wooden cask. (Military)
  • Locations: A deer-path through towering woods to a still pond. (Wilderness)
  • Characters: The unscrupulous landlady of a roadside wayhouse. (Countryside)
  • Items: A great army’s marching orders, passwords, and signals. (Military)
There are a bunch more over here, all related to an indie RPG called In A Wicked Age (thanks to head58 for mentioning it on his LJ).  Hell, there's even one for Gorillaz, for some reason.  Let's see what it comes up with:
  • High above the city, the prophet whispers, his throne surrounded...
  • A woman tempts the father of her lover, as he lies bleeding elsewhere.
  • A single character painted on the wall reads "Challenge"...
Neat stuff.