January 22nd, 2008

Count Dante

Preparing To Resurface

When Dad passed last week, I wasn't sure how long Mom was going to need me in SA, so I pulled some guesswork out of my ass and told my boss I'd be back on the 23rd (tomorrow).  Of course, as things fell out, Mom was a rock, she's got tons of support, and since I was handling things well and missed Jane and C-Monster, I came home on Friday.

Which meant I ended up with the weekend and the past two days to relax, recover, and recharge.  I've put them to good use, mainly via a lot of reading (House of Chains), very little TV and internet, and a couple of naps.  It's left me in a better state of mind (and probably better physical shape) than I've been in for quite some time.  Tonight, I've got gaming, which in a very real way will bring to a close a week that was awful, but truly could have been worse in so many ways.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get through it.
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