January 30th, 2008

Count Dante

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Last night, I ran my other OwlCon game, "Heroes of the New Wave -- The Terrible Mr. Tolhurst," using an adaptation of the Feng Shui system.  I had just enough players for all the characters to get a work-out and a radical time was had by all. I found a couple of weak spots to shore up and my players figured out what to do with a second major encounter scene that was giving me fits. Where I'd originally envisioned another potential fight scene, they proposed a battle of the bands, which was really perfect (the PCs are secret agents who also happen to be in a band).

The session reminded me of why I love the Feng Shui rules.  They're simple enough to not be overly intrusive, and the game rewards players for coming up with suitably awesome ideas.  My only worry was how fast it played out.  Even though the players managed to shortcut one act, we still got the entire adventure done and finished in about two and a half hours.  Since the game is supposed to run four hours, I may need to pad things out a bit somewhere.  The new and revised battle of the bands will help some, but I may have to come up with one more encounter before the climax.
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