February 2nd, 2008


So I've Been Listenin' to the Youngsters' Music Channel

Mainly because when I was flipping stations on XM last weekend, I caught M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" twice, and it's really grown on me.  Of course, since I started listening to that station, I haven't heard the damned song once.

But I digress.  The thing is, I know it's trite and crotchety and generally tedious, but when I'm driving along and see the band names pop up, my mind starts juxtaposing them into stupid newspaper headlines.

"Interpol Sends Snow Patrol To Track Down Arctic Monkeys:  Killers Still At Large After The Arcade Fire."

"Go! Team Prepares To Rescue Fallout Boy."

It probably has something to do with all the subtle (and subtle as a crowbar) references I've planted in my "Heroes of the New Wave" story.  After a while, the brain just takes off on its own and makes shit like that up, even while your higher functions are going, "OK, that's just dumb."

(By the way, Go! Team are easily the worst, most overrated thing I've heard since, well, Fallout Boy.)

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Since the weather forecast for tomorrow is "Crappy," I spent most of today doing more fence repairs.  Last weekend, I decided that for the part of the fence that faces the street on that side of the house, it would be better to tear off all the worn 3.5" pickets and replace them with new 5.5" pickets.  Since that stretch of fence is on pretty level ground, I also hoped to be able to just mount the new pickets rather than measuring and cutting each to maintain a more or less uniform height.  I'm pleased to report it went well.  The ground was indeed level enough (and when it wasn't it was soft enough to hammer the pickets into the soil an inch or so).  Considering I simply eyeballed the fenceline, it came out remarkably level across the top.  And I only overestimated the number of pickets needed by one.

Hopefully, this will prove sufficient.

Also, Liverpool finally remembered what that box-like thing with netting on it at the end of the pitch is for.  I was beginning to wonder.
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