February 4th, 2008


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I'm really dragging today.  Yesterday involved an unfortunate haircut and a stressed-out meltdown in the mid-afternoon, followed by self-recrimination, the Super Bowl, and a generally pleasant close to the day after a rather rocky start.

But I didn't get to sleep until late and I'm dragging rather badly this morning.  Tomorrow is the memorial service and I'm stressing out over it.  I'm dreading going to my parents' church.  I'm dreading the service.  I'm dreading being in the spotlight (as you are, when you're the family of the deceased).  Work right now is largely just a matter of filling my seat and hoping the day goes by without much incident.  I'm supposed to meet j_in_question for lunch later; I am looking forward to that.
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Afternoon Blathering On Gaming Efforts Past

I just got back from lunch with J.  Definite mood-lifter.  Something about hanging out and just talking geek stuff for an hour or so can make such a difference some days.

He mentioned there's a fair push to get Haymaker! back up and running, which led to some reminiscing, both good and bad.  For those unfamiliar, Haymaker! was (and possibly is/could be again) an APA dedicated to the Hero System RPG.  Back in the day, it was a place where a lot of fans kept the lights on for a mostly dead game system.  It was a lot like being in a writers group, and all three of my published gaming articles were due to contacts made while I participated.

Unfortunately, it all went south when the original coordinator gave up the job to go edit things for money, and the incoming coordinator implemented some really asinine policies to cover her butt from non-existent liability issues, which caused a mass exodus of participants.

Anyway, some folks are trying to resurrect it, sans her ridiculous bullshit.  I'm welcome to participate again, but I'm not sure I want to, since my interest in things Hero Games-related tends to run between "slight" and "nil" on any given day, with only occasional spikes towards "some."

Also, if I'm going to put that sort of effort into game writing, I'm going to try to sell it.