February 8th, 2008

Count Dante

Final Check

Write up final outlines for both adventures - Check
Correct and print final versions of character sheets - Check
Print out rules summaries for both games - Check
Print out Common Knowledge sheet for HoTNW - Check
Pack paperclips for Feng Shui shot tracking - Check
Big graph paper pad to sketch maps on - Check
Add new photos to Visuals Document and make sure it's complete - Check
Make Anything Box prop - Check
Put each game's stuff together in separate containers - Check
Burn six copies of Mazes & Minotaurs rules to pass out tonight - Out of CDs at home.  Buy some and burn at work.
Pack books to get signed - Check
Pack dice (normal polys, some extra d6, bag of d10s)
Sufficiently Geeky T-shirt to change into after work? - Will the Sacred d20 do?

Looks like I'm almost ready.  I can pick up the CDs at lunch or while I'm running around for work.  They won't take long to burn.  The M&M game was half full as of the last time I checked, which is manageable.  HoTNW is at capacity.

Let the games begin.
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(no subject)

CDs are burned.  Turned out I had an unopened stack of them out in the car.

One minor downer: I have to go out to our northside location late this afternoon.  While I'll have plenty of time to drive back to Rice for registration and my game, I really hate the traffic I'll have to come back through.  But at least it's something to do today.  Since I've got some things to do at one of the other offices, I'll probably just leave around lunchtime and make an afternoon out of it.

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Well, the major project of the day turned out less major than expected.  In fact, I spent more time driving to the site than I did doing the work.  So now, I'm at Cafe Artiste, I have a Mexican Coca-Cola, and free wireless.  OwlCon opens in an hour and a half.

All is well.
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