February 9th, 2008

Awesome Bear!

Convention Report

Last night's Mazes & Minotaurs game went alright.  Five players, no serious rules issues, and everyone seemed to have a good time.  I ditched one combat encounter in order to cut things short because everyone was a bit punchy towards the end.

This morning was Heroes of the New Wave.

Holy Shit.

This was easily one of the best games I've ever run in my life.  I can safely say, in all my years of RPGing, I've never gotten applause from my players at the end of the adventure.

It deserves a full and lengthy write-up, so here goes.  It's long, but hopefully it won't bore you completely.  If you don't read my gaming posts, you might as well stop here.

The premise is fairly simple.  The game takes place in that long-ago time called "The Eighties," when rock star scientists in skinny ties fought the forces of Evil and the music video was mankind's highest artistic achievement.  Basically, "Buckaroo Banzai" meets every Duran Duran video ever made.

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Further Update

With the Solomon Kane game canceled, I'd signed up for 7th Sea. But when I showed up, I got an odd vibe off the GM and other folks at the table.  As she had more than enough players, I excused myself saying I'd pretty much burned myself out GMing this morning (not entirely untrue).  I went shopping and bought a copy of the aforementioned Solomon Kane book and spent most of the next few hours watching drelmo, drangelo, and friends run the enormous OwlCon D&D Master Maze event.  drelmo has about three grand worth of Master Maze terrain and enough D&D minis to choke a hippo, so every year, he and his partners in crime stage a massive competitive event wherein everything in the dungeon is represented by proper 3D terrain or minis.  It's a serious meat-grinder of an event, with two dungeons running simultaneously, and characters involuntarily shunting between the two groups at random intervals.  It's crazy fun to watch and I think I may have to break down and sign up for it next year if they do it for 4E.

After Jane's second Shadowrun session wrapped up, we went to Pronto Cucinino (Or is it Cucinino Pronto? I can never remember), then ran by the In-Laws' to pick up C-Monster.  He was supposed to spend the night, but we both realized we wanted him home tonight and it turned out he wanted to come home as well.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to play Scion at 10 AM.  Last I looked, I was the only person signed up for it.  I'm going to show, because we promised C he could go to the Con tomorrow, but I don't expect to play.  If this is indeed the case, it will continue my uninterrupted run of never having played a Storyteller System RPG.  Yeah, seriously.  I own everything ever published for Aberrant, everything published for first edition Exalted, tons of old and new World of Darkness stuff, and yet, I've never actually played anything beyond GMing a single Exalted one-shot as a playtest.

Pathetic, huh?
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