February 13th, 2008

Emo Superman

I Really Liked That Song

I'm not bringing my A-Game to work today.  In fact, I'm barely bringing my game at all.

The best way to characterize yesterday was "bumpy."  Work wasn't particularly hard, but there were niggly bits to deal with that I couldn't really figure out; a PC that I'd moved to another office that suddenly wouldn't detect its hard drive for a half dozen reboots, then did.  Or a laptop that only has serious graphics issues when one user is logged onto it and only if she's not in Safe Mode.  Or a power outage at our main location that caused all of the D-Link switches to lock up until I reset them.

But then, I happened in on my Ex-Boss, just to say hi and found out her father passed away over Christmas.  She's the sort who likes to "process" things by talking through them so I rehashed Dad's death (and her father's) for about half an hour.  And that left me feeling pretty bleah.

The game last night was a neat storyline, complicated by a couple of extenuating circumstances that took away from it a bit.  First, we didn't have the use of our usual venue, a fairly secluded classroom.  As a result, we had to scramble and found an open room in the Student Center, which was mostly sufficient, but loud.  Second, I fear our group has gotten too large for this particular campaign setting (one that we play in during fill-in weeks when the main campaigns aren't going).  It's a cool low-magic urban setting with a criminal sword & sorcery feel and I feel like the presence eight PCs takes away from that vibe.  But I wouldn't want to exclude anyone from it, and that may just be my negativity coming home to roost.

Anyway, as I was almost home, Fungus played what had been, until recently, one of my favorite punk songs, Jim Carroll's "People Who Died."  Given the mood I was in, I just didn't hear it in the same way I had in the past and it left me in a funk.  When I got to the house, Jane was already asleep and I knew I couldn't nod off, so I internetted for a while, then went and took a bath at midnight and had the first serious cry over Dad I've had since my freak-out over Dad before the stroke.  I read for a while and didn't get to sleep until sometime after 1 AM, even with the sleeping pill.

I'm wiped. 

I really don't need to blow off anymore work right now.

I really hope I can get back to a place where I can like that song again.
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My BlackBerry just fell off its clip.  In the bathroom.  Into the waiting toilet bowl.

For what it's worth, it was still running when we yanked the battery out, but it's thoroughly waterlogged.

Not my week.  Definitely not my week.  I'm about to put down the internet and go to bed early.
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