February 14th, 2008


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Slept.  Not enough, but enough to not suck entirely this morning.

Yesterday wasn't a total loss, either.  I had lunch with Jane and we picked up funnybooks (the new Fantastic Four with Millar and Hitch on the title, because I'm morbidly curious and the first Astro City title in a while that I completely enjoyed from cover to cover.  Also spotted a stray HeroClix Supernova booster, which I snatched up (they're very hard to find and I never got many in the first place), which yielded a very scary rookie Kang and a much, much more terrifying unique Korvac.  Awwww yeah.

Anyway, the combination of new comics, a decent Clix pull, and a few extra hours of sleep (plus some quality time with Jane) seems to be helping the old mood swings today.  The BlackBerry did a decent job of drying out overnight it seems, though I'm not ready to power it back up yet.  We've got a spare or two in the office, so I'll just drop my SIMM card into one of them for a few days.
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