February 16th, 2008



A few weeks ago, I got word that Marvel would be discontinuing their recent practice of releasing entire runs of comics on DVD.  Which has made the ones I want (Avengers and Fantastic Four) bloody hard to find all of a sudden.

Having failed to find them at the funnybook stores near my work, I decided to try the Bedrock City out in Clear Lake.  No joy there either.  But then I remembered there's a Fry's out that way.  And Fry's carries all sorts of geek stuff.

Sure enough, having been in the store for less than a minute, there they were.  One copy of each.  I also grabbed the Captain America collection while I was at it.

Go me.

The Silver Age Of Comics Was Weird

So, early Fantastic Four.  Yeah.

I'd never actually read Dr. Doom's first appearance before.  Turns out he kidnapped Sue and held her hostage while the three guys went back in time to steal Blackbeard's treasure.

Oh, and Ben was actually the historical Blackbeard or something.

Yeah, really.

(Of course there was some sort of world conquest motive involved, but still, it's about as lame as it sounds.)

Issue #5 also has a fan letter from some guy named Roy Thomas.  I wonder whatever happened to him?
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