February 17th, 2008


(no subject)

I'm in a remarkably good mood today.  Not sure why.  I think the fact that I actually got a couple of night's of decent sleep probably has something to do with it.  Also, the weather is pretty incredible, especially for February.  It's one of those sunny, clear, cool and breezy, open the windows sorts of days that are all too rare in Houstopolis.  Got a bunch of clothes folded and put away, more in the wash, and straightened up my side of the bedroom and my study.  For me, that's damned productive.

Right now, I'm watching NASCAR (yeah, sue me) and blathering online.  Also considering trying to recruit people to play Truth & Justice, which I've had for quite a while and still haven't even playtested.  Given all the troubles I've had in the past organizing and maintaining face-to-face games, I wonder if maybe I should give play by (chat/post/email) another try.  Right now, it's just in the musing phase, so we'll see what happens.

Also, happy birthday to srhall79.  Many happy returns.