February 18th, 2008

Count Dante

Day Off Randomness

For me, often my best days off are those where I'm the only person in the house having a day off.  It's not that I don't love my family, it's just that I am a creature that needs long solitudes once in a while.  And I haven't had one in about a month or so.  Today is one such day.  Jane had to work, and while C-Monster doesn't have class today, his school is open for day care, so off he went to burn off energy and play video games.

So, I'm having a nice quiet day all to myself. I'm not quite as chipper and energetic as yesterday, but I'm in a pretty good place as far as the Theron Norm is concerned.  Thus far, I've slept in, piddled around online a bit, went and had lunch at "Pearland Super Buffet," our local multi-ethnic food orgy (seriously, Chinese buffet, American country buffet complete with three kinds of barbecue, Italian pasta bar, frightening sushi, deserts...it's crazy), then browsed at Half-Price Books for a while. Found an interesting looking piece of non-fiction about Nazi expeditions to Tibet in the 1930s to try and prove Himmler's Aryan hypothesis.  It looks good in a "truth is stranger than pulp" sort of way.

This afternoon will probably entail more reading of old funnybooks.  And leveling up my PC for tomorrow night's D&D.  What shall I do with a 10th level Bard?

I may also haunt the Hero Games boards a bit.  The big announcement today will be the official stuff about the MMORPG, but the big news yesterday was plans for a 6th edition of the rules to come out in August 2009.  As a result, there's a whole new section on their forums for discussion of this project, and I'm liking what Mr. Long and company have to say about their reasoning and the matters under consideration for revision.  The 5th Edition of the game really marked the lowest ebb of my interest in the system, and for purely sentimental reasons, I'd love to be won back.  So, I'll be following those threads with renewed interest.

And, as per standard operating procedure with Your Humble Friend and Narrator, when something shiny appears on the horizon, all previous thoughts go out the window.  Whatever it was I said about Truth & Justice yesterday seems to be re-shelved in the chaotic planning folder that is my attention span.

But so far, it's been a good day.  Hopefully, I won't even have to use my AK.
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