February 20th, 2008


It's always bleariest before the blrflmlrphhhhhhhhhhhhht...

I gamed last night, so I'm wiped this morning, as per usual. We're coming up on the final bits of arch_scrivener's campaign.  I'm going to miss Laurelyn when it's over.

Your LJ forecast from me today is blathery, with an 80% chance of gamer ramblings.  I'll flag 'em as such, so those of you who only read this to be dazzled by my sparkling wit and insights into life's small ironies can skip over them.
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Well, my forecast for blathery postiness hasn't really come to fruition yet.  I've been just busy enough at work and just scrambled enough between my ears to keep my thoughts from collecting in a useful manner.

Maybe later.