February 27th, 2008


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The game went well.  The forces of Naerath Ironhand were turned away, and the fiendish goblin king defeated.  My PC still had 18 HP left, though his contributions to the final battle were relatively scant.  Next week, it's back to the Realms.

As per usual for a post-game Wednesday, I'm dragging tail this morning.  My major project of the day is just moving someone to a new workstation.  If all goes to plan, I'll have it done before lunch and have plenty of time to go pick up comics and (hopefully) a brick of the new HeroClix series.
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So the new HeroClix set, Crisis came out today.  I had to hit two places before I scored a brick.

Of course, purchasing said half-case of little plastic supermen and women is only half the equation.  The rest is opening the boosters and seeing what I've got.

Which I can't do until I get home tonight.  And really, not until after dinner.  I did open two boxes in the car and managed to pull a couple of powerhouses (Darkseid and Mordru).  But the rest will have to wait.

I hate waiting...
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HeroClix Wankery Ahead

Here's my pulls from the brick:

Collapse )

All in all, a good draw.  Only six duplicate figures (one of which I wanted as a dupe, since Liberty Belle is my favorite member of the All-Star Squadron, and Jane gets all the girls for her collection).  I got all of the Commons, all but one Rare, and all but six Uncommons.  Not bad at all.

If anyone has a Black Adam or a Supergirl, my Monitor and Flash are both available for trade.