March 1st, 2008


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I've put up the answers on the movie thing for the films people didn't guess.  Yesterday was a nice day off.  I went out to Tokyo-One, a fairly newish all you can eat Japanese buffet and gorged on sushi and tempura shrimp for twelve bucks.  Also indulged in a few more boosters of Clix, but have already hit the point of diminishing returns due to the outstanding results of the initial brick.  I filled in a few cracks, but mostly ended up contributing to C-Monster's collection.  I also bought the three trade collections of the new Blue Beetle series.  Man.  I'd heard this book was good, but the first issue didn't really grab me, so I didn't pick it up.  My bad.  It deserves all the praise it's garnered.

Last night, Jane and I watched I Justice League: the New Frontier, a straight to DVD adaptation of Darwyn Cooke's mini-series. I was quite favorably impressed, and the different slate of voice actors didn't even bother me (Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman was quite spiffy).

This morning, we slept in a bit, then went out to tackle the front yard, which has gotten rather overgrown. I happened by the side of the house and discovered to my dismay that the fence I'd spent so much time rebuilding a couple of weeks ago had collapsed.  Well, one of the fenceposts collapsed.  Fortunately, I was able to pull it back into position and shore it up for the moment by tying it off to a water spigot.  I then had to re-attach a number of the boards to the framework.  It's not as pretty as it was, but it's still presentable.  I guess I'm going to have to figure out how to replace the post or shore it up permanently.  No fun.