March 2nd, 2008


To All My Comics-Reading People

You know who you are.

Why the hell didn't you tell me Blue Beetle was so damned good? Way back when issue one came out, I grabbed it, but it didn't get my attention.  This past Friday, I picked up the first three trade collections.  Yesterday, I tracked down and read the five newest issues.

Sweet Zombie Jeebus, this book is fun, and crazy, and pretty much fits the textbook definition of Why Theron Likes Superhero Comics.

But seriously, folks, if you knew it was this good and you weren't hammering me about head and neck about it, what's your excuse?

Operation Mini-Me, Part 605

So, with all of the recent openings of Clix boosters and passing on of duplicates, it was inevitable that C-Monster's been pushing to actually play.  So, this afternoon, we pulled out the Bank map and Jane coached him in a game against me.  He took a couple of his new figures (Hawk & Dove and Red Hood) along with Plastic Man and Green Arrow (the Conor Hawke version) against my quickly concocted Time-Travelin' Booster Gold and the Silver Age Teen Titans.

It was probably the best time I've had playing with him.  Usually, he either loses focus, or falls prey to being overcompetitive or frustrated.  Instead, he actually listened to Jane's advice and they did a number on me.  Of course, the fact that I rolled four fumbles in the course of the game (THREE on poor little Speedy) didn't help, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it was a hell of a throwdown, and quite a see-saw battle.  Ultimately, it came down to points in the last five minutes.

Since Jane's not doing choir this spring, it frees me up to play Clix on Thursdays again, so I suppose I'll get back into it.  An old SCA/gaming friend from Austin is in Houston for at least the next few months (his wife is recovering from a heart transplant) and is considering relocating here permanently, so I may try getting him into it so he's not rattling around on his own all the time.
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The hits just keep on coming...

Mom called today to tell me that my aunt and godmother, Dad's sister, passed away yesterday.  When I was younger, we were fairly close, but there was a fair bit of sibling strife over my grandmother's death, and I'd only seen her twice since 1984.  I know she and Dad made their peace a few years back, and since I'm local, I should go to the memorial service if at all possible.

Anyway, rest in peace Bette "Brownie" Chase.  You taught me it's OK to take a book to read in the bathroom and I'll always thank you for that.
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