March 3rd, 2008


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It's the good sort of returning from a long weekend day.  No unpleasant surprises, no major looming projects or issues.  Just a few minor tasks.

Boss and Minion are both out sick, so it's quiet and uneventful, just like I like it.

After yesterday's successful HeroClix foray with C-Monster, I'm thinking about doing some regular gaming with him.  We tried out Marvel Super-Heroes a while back and he did OK, but I'm thinking he'll do even better now that he has more of a handle on reading and (especially) math.

(Seriously, the kid has math skills neither Jane nor I possessed at his age.  Yesterday, we were making him do the calculations for his to-hit rolls in the game and he was rattling them off like they were the most obvious thing in the world.)

Last week, after the game (which wrapped up a campaign) there was some speculative discussion about what we might put in rotation in the future.  I wonder out loud (since a majority of the group read this LJ) what people would say to an occasional MSH game.  Too simple?  Too old school?  Supers burnout from past campaigns?  Just idle speculation on my part at the moment, really.  If I did something with it, I'd use the rules and come up with my own setting, so feedback is welcome.
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