March 4th, 2008


And A Very Happy GM's Day To:

arch_scrivener, whose Paradigm campaign just wrapped up.

drelmo, whose Forgotten Realms game continues to remind us that the name of the game is Dungeons AND Dragons.

hwrmnbsol, for Beth Shamon, the coolest criminal enterprise this side of Lankhmar.

rickj, who regularly comes up with even more unused ideas than I do (and that's saying a lot).  May you get to put more of them to use in the coming year, sir.

Thanks for giving us a chance to chuck some dice every week.
Emo Superman

Goodbye Mr. Gygax

We never met, much to my regret.  But you changed my life in more ways than I can enumerate.

How sadly appropriate this would happen on GM's Day.
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Tonight, we chucked dice, cracked jokes, slew monsters, and pretended to be someone we could never be in real life.  Just like we do almost every Tuesday night.  Largely thanks to a former shoe salesman from Wisconsin.

This was the first session back into drelmo's campaign, and when we'd last played, we'd resolved a major plot point and found ourselves in possession of a lot of loot and magical swag.  So much, in fact, that the DM let us define certain bits of it, like "One +1 Adamantine weapon, or the equivalent."

One of the things I loved about old-school D&D was the ridiculously complete assortment of polearms from which a fighter-type could choose.  Bec de Corbins, Guisarmes, Glaive-Guisarmes, Godendags, Bohemian Ear-Spoons, the list seemed to go on ad infinitum.  Of course, Third Edition cut that list down to the quick, which made sense for game rules, but took a lot of style out of the equation.  But thankfully, not all the style.  A brief foray into the Arms & Equipment Guide brought me what I needed:  The Lucerne Hammer. 

In many respects, my ultimate Gygaxian weapon.  Because back in the old days, when Clerics were only allowed to use blunt weapons, everyone in my high school group equipped his cleric with a Lucerne Hammer.  Because it did a relative metric shitload of damage compared to a mace.  And because it was a hammer, it must be blunt, right? Imagine our shock to learn that said weapon was anything BUT.  Gygaxian completeness put it on the weapons list.  Gygaxian obscurity left out any indication of what the damned thing actually looked like.

So, Valentyn Drake, Paladin and Second Baron Hawkwyrd is now the proud owner of a magical Lucerne Hammer he doesn't really need.  Yeah, it's a dumb tribute, but it's mine.
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