March 6th, 2008

Count Dante

Inspired by fossilapostle, the Gygaxian Butterfly Effect - My Version

How different would my life be without his work?

People on my friends list who I am nearly 100% certain wouldn't be there without RPGs:

alicetheowl, amanofhats, amiable_mammal, anaka, anthrorabbit, arch_scrivener, atia_julii, avaenuha, blinovitch, bobmungovan, bodybag_pilgrim, bryant, cessna182, chris_goodwinciaracat, dindrane, djtheutii, doc_ezra, drangelo, drelmo, elissa_carey, everwayfarer, eyebeams, fossilapostle, gammahamster, gmskarka, gnmengle, greatgenghost, head58, heronymus_waat, hot_pants, hwrnmnbsol, igginzz, ineti, jcmanda, jerseytude, kali_magdalene, kevin_mowery, kinesys, mechantanemone, mentalwasteland, menteroso, metallian, mouseferatu, mr_orgue, nadadoll, newfern, nickthelemming, peaseblossom, pyknospex, q99, ratmmjess, reverendtom, rickj, rwaibel, sad_genius, saffster, sben, scott_lynch, scottums, seanpatfannon, srhall79, stevenhoward, thebitterguy, thescribbler, tracker7, yttrai

Without RPGs, no first girlfriend.  I met her when she sat in on a Halloween Chill one-shot I ran at Charlie's apartment.

Without RPGs, no pre-first girlfriend either (technically, she was dating someone who lived out of town, but we did a lot of fooling around for two people who weren't seeing each other).  Met her at a game.

Without RPGs, finding and fitting in with the SCA would have been much harder.  It was a stone bitch to find in San Antonio back in the day and unless you knew someone who was already in, you were probably doomed to failure.  In fact, the surest sign you were considered one of the cool kids was if you got invited to the Friday night D&D games.  Fortunately, Villains & Vigilantes led me to picking up comics.  And via comics, I met a couple of folks who I ended up gaming with.  Through one of them, I met M., who much later married ellorac.  He ended up being my ticket into the Barony, where I met subsequent girlfriends and liaisons, etc.  Without that, no Jane (b3zsgirl) and no lori_holder, kytherean_tx, darkpurplemusic, meadhbh254 ellorac, gunnora, jenmcd, sindras_studio, bigbearok, and all the scores of people who made up my extended "family" for nearly twenty years (Iolo, Gwenno, Emrys & Brianna, Kein, Pendaran and Jehanne, even Dominic)

Of the people not on that list, one (burgundy) is a former co-worker I like to keep in touch with.  And she's a gamer (she's also mouseferatu's sister).  And the odds of us being co-workers without my having met Jane and moved to Houston are pretty damned slim.

There are a few folks I met here via other sources, but for the most part, we only know each other online.  The fact is, until I met Jane, I was pretty much a Luddite when it came to computers and the like.  When she moved in with me, she brought a little IBM compatible machine with a modem on it.  One night on a whim, I decided to try logging on to the Red October BBS, a bulletin board dedicated (of course) to RPGs.  That was the start of my online activity, which led directly to the development of my skills with PCs as I taught myself Excel and Word and PageMaker so I could create professional looking character sheets.  So while I might have gotten online anyway, I'd be a very different person, probably hanging out on musty history sites, discussing Formula One racing or something.

By my count, that pretty much leaves jkubenka,  who I've known since she was born.  But without gaming, we probably wouldn't have had much to talk about when her family came to visit when I was 17 and her mother had forbidden her to play D&D because it was Satanic.  We probably wouldn't have stayed in touch long enough for her to learn I was in the SCA and ask me tons of questions about it.  We probably wouldn't have kept in touch over the years either.

And that's just the folks on LJ (for the most part).  So many things changed by this guy I knew at church (Paul...something) asking me if I'd ever heard of D&D.

(Of course, Terry Pratchett would say that time doesn't work that way and some of this stuff would have happened.  And maybe it's true.  But without gaming, I'm not sure the world would have heard him say it.)
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Awesome Bear!


My brother called this evening with an update.  Really good news.  Really, REALLY good news.

They've settled on the house.  The insurer or mortgage company or whoever decided that a $60K mistake was cheaper than a potential $150K mistake.  It's going to cost about $1,400 to completely clear it, but that's chump change at this stage of the game.

Also, Mom's de-luxe Dodge van, which has been sitting with a dead water pump for six months is repaired, road-worthy, and sellable.  My brother is putting it on the market this weekend.  Once it's sold, the money can go to paying down the note on Dad's pickup truck, which Mom intends to keep for a while.

Also, he finally got through to her that her Mom's Dodge Coronet, which has been sitting on their driveway for years, is NOT a potential goldmine with tires.  Sadly, it's a four-door.  If it only had two doors, it would be worth about ten grand as-is.  Instead, it's worth about $1,500.  So she's resigned herself to get rid of it.

(He also informed me that he learned, while going through her bills, that they'd been carrying FULL insurance on the goddamned thing for the past ten years, during which time, it's been road-worthy for approximately six months.  Le sigh, le GRAND sigh.)

Mom's no longer in a panic over the Social Security stuff.  She misunderstood about the payments and was afraid she was losing almost all of their benefits instead of actually getting a little more.  She's committed to an actual written monthly budget.  My brother has gotten her bills under control for the moment and seems to actually know what he's doing.  Maybe I should hire him to look after us.
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