March 7th, 2008


In Like A Lion

A big-ass, angry, COLD lion, that is.  A front blew in last night, dropping the temperatures about thirty degrees overnight, with a wind that's cutting straight to the bone.  There were actual snow flurries overnight down in Galveston.

(For those not in the know, Galveston is an island about thirty miles south of here.  In the freakin' Gulf of Mexico.  It's also home to a fabled blue stone that's somewhat less blue than the eyes of the Spanish Infanta.  Or so they say.)

Originally, I'd planned to get my oil changed and run a few errands.  But it's freakin' cold out there, and my budget's a little tighter this week than expected, so the plan has been revised to staying in the house where it's warmer and maybe venturing out to get some lunch in a few hours.  Coming up with a 300 pt team for next week's Clixage, updating my character sheet for drelmo's game, and maybe doing some setting writing for that thing that was bouncing around my head a few months ago are possible.  A nap is almost certainly on the agenda, since I stayed up a bit too late last night.

I've also got a brush pile to move before tomorrow AM, but that's going to wait until it warms up substantially.  Or whatever semblance of substantially the day can muster.
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