March 8th, 2008


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Yesterday, the nap ended up winning.  After lunch, I came home and crashed until 5 PM.  Since C-Monster was at his grandmother's for the night, we ran a few errands, got some sushi for dinner, and packed it in fairly early.

Today, Jane and C are with her family at the Stock Show, looking at cows and horses and pigs.  I'm not.  While I'd like to be participating in GaryCon this weekend (an effort organized on the web to commemorate the passing of Gygax by playing some old-school D&D, or failing that, working an old-school dungeon crawl into one's regular game), that's pretty unlikely, barring a miracle.  So instead, I've bought some Newcastle Brown Ale and will play some "Temple of Elemental Evil" on the PC this afternoon.  The Newcastle may give me a headache, but it seems a reasonable risk under the circumstances.

EDIT:  Of course, I COULD try and run some C&C for C-Monster this evening, if he's up for it.  I doubt I can talk Jane into sitting in, but we'll see.  Maybe Mike and Ursula can ride again.
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So, this afternoon, I got a party slaughtered by undead out on the Emridy Meadows.

This evening, I pulled out a bunch of random charts and let C-Monster's character Mike the Trader save some trappers from an Owlbear and run slightly afoul of a city Thieves' Guild.

Not great times, but good enough for now.