March 13th, 2008



Clearly, my FList is quite fluent in the swordplay and swashbuckling film genre.  Here's the few y'all didn't get.  One doesn't particularly surprise me, since Godwyn doesn't have a LJ account:

"From under his right hand, I took that sword. I've lived twenty years with that cold wife." -- The War Lord

"Delayed? How so?" "Well, when I heard Normans were approaching I ran to lock up my wife. But, she'd also heard they were approaching, and locked me up instead."  -- Ivanhoe

With your head on my shoulders we could wreck civilization" -- Yellowbeard

Good show, one and all!

Who Needs The Rohirrim When You Have The Husari?

Continuing the thematic meandering my mind seems to be taking:

It's from the big-budget Polish TV adaptation of Henryk Sienkiewicz's classic With Fire and Sword, which my old SCA Baron referred to as the "Polish Three Musketeers."  I've never managed to track down the books, and I desperately want to watch the DVDs (if they ever make it into the affordable range).  This little taste from it just makes me want more.

("Husari" -  Those badassed guys with the eagle wings on the backs of their armor.  Historically accurate scary bastards.)

Edit:  I see the DVDs are down in the $40 range now.  Perhaps a trip to Fry's is called for.  That's where I saw it last time.
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More Cheerful News

Jane's still sick, so I stayed home from Clix tonight.  Just as well; I didn't feel much like getting trounced tonight, and I very likely would.

Besides, I've got some work to take care of tonight, after the Clinic shuts down.  This just means I can get started on it a little earlier.

I just got off the phone with my old friend A from Austin.  He's been here as his wife is recovering from a heart transplant and he and I have been talking about getting together for lunch or dinner or something.  Unfortunately, he's back in Austin at the moment, as his father passed away last night.  Sheesh.  No more death, please.

On the subject of this friend, he's trying to relocate to Houston permanently and is looking for work in the IT industry.  He's much like me (self-taught), but has the advantage of a significant background in electronics (he missed out on a EE by about three credit hours, did a stint in the Navy doing electrical stuff, and has worked in R&D for the past decade or so).  If anyone in the Houston area wants to take a look at his resume, let me know and I'll pass it along.
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OK, This Sucks Now

Still working on the Work project.  Basically, we're backing up another set of user files to the neato back up device we bought a couple of months ago.  However, this is the first dataset that's not in the same building as the device.  Which means when it's in fully operational mode, any backups will have to travel across a T-1 line.  The same line that our phone traffic and other network signals travel over.  So tomorrow will be a congestion test.

The good news is the otherwise unoccupied T-1 is handling the load just fine.  The bad news is, there's a lot of data to back up when initially setting up a directory and it's taking for freaking ever.  And stupid me, I took my Unisom two hours ago.  I'm getting verrrry sleepy, but I really need to babysit this thing until it's done.
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