March 14th, 2008


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Today was my last Friday of the vacation time I've been burning off.  Of course, I scheduled all of this before I realized Good Friday was around the corner, so I'm only working four days next week as well.  And the following week, I'm re-taking the training I'd begun when Dad died.

Apart from Jane waking up and still feeling sick (which meant I had to get up and take C-Monster to school), it's been a pretty decent and productive day.  I got my oil changed, drove out to Fry's to look for With Fire and Sword on DVD, didn't find it, tried a nearby Barnes & Noble and didn't find there either (no real surprise), but I did find Before They Are Hanged, the sequel to The Blade Itself, a fantasy I read a few months back and generally enjoyed.  Then, I discovered Steven Erikson's Reaper's Gale is out in paperback, so I grabbed it as well, even though I'm approximately 1,200 pages of Malazan goodness away from starting it at the moment.

After that, I took in some sushi for lunch, trying escolar for the first time.  According to Wikipedia, it's actually a mackerel, not white tuna, and I shouldn't eat it in large quantities, but the three pieces I had were divine. Came home, hung out with Jane, read, and lazed around.  By late afternoon, she felt a bit better, so we went and picked up The Boy, found out he got straight A's this six weeks, went shopping for a birthday present (he's got a party to attend tomorrow), then ate Vietnamese food for dinner.

Nothing Earth-shattering, but it'll do.
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