March 15th, 2008


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It's been a busy one today.  Much of the day was taken up with taking C-Monster to a classmate's birthday party.  It was quite the to-do, with two bouncing apparati, an appearance by Snow White (it was also the classmate's little sister's birthday party), a magician, and tons of food.  The kid's parents were really nice though, and it was clear they expected me to stay and eat and enjoy myself as well as C-Monster, so that was cool, if exhausting.

This evening, Jane's out fulfilling her matron of honor duties ahead of darkpurplemusic's wedding next weekend.  Namely, spending money in one dollar increments at La Bare.  C and I went to collect water from various outdoor sources for a science fair project, and I'm letting him watch the 1973 version of The Three Musketeers.  The naughty bits (which are hardly that naughty) go straight over his head, as they did me when I was about his age, but the sword fights are grabbing his attention.  All part of the Master Plan.

I've not been in a good headspace thus far this year, for what should be pretty obvious reasons.  I've felt increasingly defeatist and pessimistic about pretty much everything.  However, someone pointed out that a good deal of this amounts to a quite reasonable reaction to quite the unreasonable set of circumstances.  Perspective is a nice thing.  Far from a solution, mind you, but handy all the same.

I'm giving thought to a gaming project I want to write.  In fact, it would be a real labor of love.  However, the pessimistic, defeatist inner voice is saying, "Why bother?"

Clearly, I need to strangle it.
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