March 17th, 2008



That section of fence I spent the better part of two weekends replacing a few weeks ago?

Blown over by the exceedingly strong winds we've experienced for about the past twenty four hours straight.

Friday, I have to work with C-Monster on his science fair project.  No telling how long that's going to take.

Saturday is a wedding.  I will not be in shape to deal with the fence after.

I guess I know what I'll be doing for Easter.  Here's hoping the weather's nice.

Here's hoping the rest of the fence holds.
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Accent-uate the Positive...

I'm trying really hard to not dwell on the miserable right now.  The fence (and the continuing winds) did a serious number on my mood.  I suck at playing the "Glad Game," but it wouldn't hurt to put down in my DramaJournal a few good things, as a reminder.

I accomplished a lot at work today.  We finally got Dr. M's iPhone to work with our email system again.  I still hate Apple though.

Nan's actually hired someone who's knowledgeable about RPGs that aren't published by WoTC or White Wolf.  This may be a first for them, I'm not certain.

Nan's also apparently got rid of the asshole who was pissing off the comics customers.  Or not.  At any rate, I haven't seen him there in ages.

Tomorrow is gaming night.  There's a pair of green dragons on the menu.

I totally suck at Guitar Hero II, but I don't care, so I have a good time with it anyway.  Being able to advance without having to play Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend" = doubleplusgood.

I have a new RPG obsession.  More on that later when I'm done reading the core rules.

I am loved, cared for, and even at my lowest, I don't doubt my worth as a person.  I know of many people who aren't so fortunate.
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