March 20th, 2008


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Today was surprisingly good.  Despite waking up at 4 AM with a migraine.  I took my meds, went to sleep, woke up feeling fine.

Got my tire replaced and was on the road to work earlier than I usually manage.

Work was just enough busy to keep me from getting too bored.  During the one boring stretch, I read a bunch of Questionable Content, which, what with me being old and out of step with the times, I only discovered a few weeks ago.  It's rather quickly passing Order of the Stick as my favorite web comic.

Got funnybooks. Read a few at lunch.  Ran into my friend Grampa D and his lovely family at the funnybook store.

In short, all was going well, until I treated myself to an Oreo milkshake from Jack in the Box.  The ensuing ice cream headache combined with my residual allergies to trigger a second migraine.  Bummer.

Dinner and more Imitrex later, I'm starting to shake it off.  No HeroClix tonight, though.  The shop gets hot until sundown and I don't really want to be sweltering in Gamer Funk while I'm trying to get rid of a headache.  Also, Jane's in mild freak-out mode at the moment since tomorrow is the start of all of her Matron of Honor stuff.

(While we're on the subject of the wedding, hooray for non-traditional dress choices.  Jane's now got a hella fine custom-fitted corset for the service.  Tasteful, but hella fine.  Yes, there will be pictures.

Anyway, my mood nosedived just a bit with the evening headache, but I think I'm pulling it out.  For some reason today, I just felt less constrained by life than I have in months.  My weekend is already spent, so to speak, so I think I deserve a good day ahead of it.

(And I'm still working on the gaming post follow-up.  Expect it before too long, if I can tear myself away from the QC archives.)
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