March 24th, 2008


Back to School

Today I started re-taking my Exchange class.  Since it's been months since I started the course and, frankly, since I remember precisely Jack and Shit about what I'd covered before Dad's stroke, I asked to re-take the whole thing over, which New Horizons kindly obliged.

All in all, it's going OK so far.  I've got very thorough notes from the first eight (of fourteen) modules, so right now, I'm just referring to them while reviewing the videos and adding a few notes here or there along the way.  By mid-morning tomorrow, I should be into new territory.

I managed to repair the fence and we got C-Monster's science fair project finished yesterday.  I think it's OK, though it wasn't the original plan.  Scientifically speaking, it's a bit iffy, but we're talking second grade here, so we'll just have to see how they grade it.  Hopefully his teacher slept through her physical science classes.

Tonight, Jane's off teaching her dance class, and I'm hoping to finish Midnight Tides, because I've hit that spot I've come to in all of Erikson's books where I'm not going to hit another stopping point until I'm done with the damned thing.

(Also, I expected more commentary on my last post from the gamer folks, but I've learned you can never tell what folks will respond to on LJ.  No more than you can be too careful about ninjas...)
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