March 26th, 2008


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I'm done with the coursework and beginning the labs. Which gives me some leisure to do stuff while virtual machines boot up.

Last night's game went well despite my ongoing die-rolling misadventures that are now bordering on absurdity. To whit:

In two levels worth of combat-filled adventure, Val's magically keen longsword hasn't rolled a single threat, much less a crit. Considering one in five attacks should threaten, this taking on comic proportions.

Last night, I managed to roll four 1's on a d20. To offset this, I did manage one 20 on an initiative roll. As it happened, FIVE other people at the table also rolled 20s on that pass, mitigating my feelings of success just slightly. Nonetheless, I figured out a way to hurt the big bad without having to actually hit her, so it was hardly a night of epic fail.
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