April 4th, 2008

Count Dante

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Played Clix last night for the first time in about a month.  It was an interesting variation on the Sealed Box tournament.  For a twenty dollar buy-in, you had your choice of any two of the current sets of boosters (which have five figures per box), or two of the old boosters (four per box) plus an older two figure mini box.  However you chose, you had ten figures to put a 400 pt team together from.

I took the older sets, because the competition was fairly hefty and I figured I could fill some holes in my collection that way.  From a competitive standpoint, it was almost certainly the wrong tactic, but I did manage to pull some stuff I didn't have.  I ended up going 1-2 for the night, winning my first, staving off the inevitable for quite a while in the second (and fairly bloodying his nose), and getting completely blown out in the last round (entirely due my opponent have a team my side couldn't hope to cope with).

Today is the first Friday I've had to work in well over a month.  Not looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, we're catching the matinee of Walking With Dinosaurs - The Live Experience.  Judging from the footage I've seen of it online, I'm going to geek out on it big time.

True Story:  When I was six years old, my most prized possession was a pair of "gastroliths" I was given by an amateur rockhound near Glen Rose, TX.  I now know it would be hard to verify them as such using modern criteria, but I'd like to think they were what he said they were.

(Glen Rose is a site in east Texas where a number of outstanding sauropod and theriopod tracks have been uncovered.  Going there when I was a kid was like a trip to Disneyland.)