April 5th, 2008


That's Edutainment!

As expected, I enjoyed the hell out of Walking With Dinosaurs - The Live Experience.  It's a remarkably well-done multimedia show, incorporating a live actor (The Paleontologist), puppeteers in full-body costumes (Liliensternus, Utahraptors, Baby T-Rex), and the most amazing free-moving animatronic dinos I've ever seen (Plateosaurus, Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, a pair of Brachiosaurs, Ornithocheirus, Ankylosaurus, a pair of Torosaurs, and an adult T-Rex).  I got some probably inadequate photos on my camera, but I've got to recharge it before I can look at them at full size and post them (provided they don't look like junk).  It spoke to my inner five year old, and the eight year old sitting next to me got his dino-geek on mightily as well.  His new favorite word is Utahraptor.

The show presented good science, with a few bits of speculation I'm not entirely sure about; they mentioned the Plateosaurus didn't urinate as it was adapted to drought conditions, which seems an interesting bit of speculation, but hardly gospel truth.  They also relied on some cheesy lighting effects to play up a particular theory on stegosaur's back plates, and failed to mention the Thagomizer by name at all.  On the whole though, it rocked.  It looks like the remainder of their US tour has a couple of dates near folks on my FList, so if you've got a geeky spot for dinos, you might want to check it out.