April 10th, 2008



I woke up at about 5:15 this AM, so I guess I got about four hours of sleep.  Logged onto the remote server and saw my boss and the network consultant had just logged on as well.  Messages and phone calls were exchanged.  The upshot of it is that Dan thinks we've got a compromised machined (but not the Exchange server).  My boss's system-wide AV scan revealed about a half-dozen machines that might be problematic (it was, for some reason, impossible to pull down a detailed report on them), and one that definitely had a mass of junk on it.  Thus, a plan of action was formulated and I'm already at the office, cleaning off the one we definitely know had problems.  Boss is at one of the other sites dealing with some other non-spambot related issues that cropped up late yesterday and looking at two of the machines over there I couldn't get data on.  After I get this machine sterilized, I'll be hitting our other two offices in order to look at four more machines.

At least there's a plan now.  And being able to access the machines hands-on makes me feel a bit less useless.

I'd planned on playing HeroClix tonight, but that's really going to depend on how I feel.  Right now, I suspect I will feel crappy.
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