April 13th, 2008


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I managed a good night's sleep last night.  Woke up without the slightest hint of sinus unrest, and therefore, no migraine either.  Watched some soccer until around 10 AM, then went off to church.  Trying to get back into the swing of that.  They're doing a module for the kids right now on death and loss and Jane and I both feel it would do C-Monster some good.  He's swallowing a lot of grief about Dad and doesn't really seem to know how to deal with it or even to say something about it around us.

Afterwards, we went to Pronto Cucinino for lunch, and then hit Barnes & Noble.  I'm well-stocked as far as reading material is concerned, but I tripped over something interesting in the bargain books, a slim little guidebook called Draw Manga - Step By Step On Your Computer.  I'm not sure why I opened it, but I'm glad I did.  It's really not a book on drawing manga.  What it is though is a 275 step guide for Photoshop, beginning with line art and showing you how to color, shade and detail the main figure and the background image.  It's exactly the sort of tutorial I need to actually figure out a bit more about Photoshop, a program with which I'm seriously deficient.  And it was only $3.50.

Right now, I'm still slogging through some work-related issues, trying to make something I touch not turn to dross.  I got word from the Boss that a couple of test emails he sent out to agencies that were blocking us on Friday didn't bounce today, a most hopeful sign.
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