April 15th, 2008


Random Braindump

Today was better.  In point of fact, nothing went wrong, and I even managed to pull a trick on our phone system that I really didn't think would work (creating a voice mail box that didn't correspond to a physical phone - yes, this seems like it would be a no-brainer for a contemporary VOIP system, but it's rather involved and completely undocumented).  Got a number of additional suspect machines scanned (they were clean), got a new workstation set up.  No untoward messages from DSBL or Barracuda, Zod be praised.

No game tonight; drelmo needed a breather and a number of the Rice-nicks had a function involving one of the Colleges.  Just as well, really, since my head has been anywhere but game-space this week.  I came home, made dinner, and helped Jane re-arrange the bedside tables (if you've seen our bedside tables, you'd understand how rearranging them could be a two-person job).

On my drive into work this morning, my XM stations were absolutely hitting on all cylinders.  And when one would drop the ball (Coldplay), whatever I ended up clicking over to was more of what I obviously needed to hear.  Which was, for some reason, a lot of 90s stuff, followed by more 90s stuff.  Got the blood pumping.  Made me want to start a Grunge covers band called "Plaidgasm."  I've still got the wardrobe, all I need is the musicianship.
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