April 17th, 2008

Count Dante

Cool Toy

Gamerly types out there are probably aware of HeroMachine, a nifty online tool for creating character artwork.  Someone on RPGnet found a variation of it done by someone in Brazil that does DC Animated-style artwork.

It's not without its limitations, of course, and you have to be willing to puzzle your way through a Portuguese user interface, but the results are hella sweet.  Here's Troubadour, one of my long-running Champions characters:

The only change I had to make to him in Photoshop was the addition of his chest emblem.  Everything else was generated with the program.  Pretty freakin' cool, huh?
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Geekery Of Old

This evening, I was looking through some old files from back when I had a website that was basically a storage closet for junk I wanted to link to.  In the process, I found some scans I took a few years ago of autographs I accumulated at San Diego ComicCon back in 1985.  I present them here so that you might share in my old school geekery.

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