April 20th, 2008


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This morning, I woke up with an incoming headache.  I've noticed I get them rather frequently on the weekends, and I'm developing a theory about this.  Two of my standard triggers are fatigue and sinus pressure.  By the end of the week, fatigue is pretty much a given.  And even though I take Claritin-D before bedtime nightly, there's usually still some congestion/buildup in the morning on most weekdays.  On Saturdays, however, I usually get to sleep an hour or two later, which I'd imagine allows things to build up even more, to the point that the pressure triggers a visit from Mister Migraine.

On the plus side, I've got a fresh round of medication, so I just took an Imitrex and got on with my life.

Apart from that, it was a pretty low-key day.  Jane wanted to get lunch at Panera, but their line was out the door, so we ended up at Friday's instead.  After that, a trip to Half-Price, where I got a PC game that my laptop won't run, the first six Doc Savage facsimile reprints that have been hitting the shelves, and the first three volumes of the Shadow.  Score!

Piddled around on the internet most of the afternoon, then made my fake samosas for dinner.  It's been a long time, and the filling was a bit too runny, which made the dough weak, which caused several explosive ruptures when I was frying them.  Still, they turned out pretty good from a taste perspective.

This evening, I started teaching myself to use Photoshop with that book I got last week.  I'm up to step 51 of 275, and have so far put down a background color layer on the image.  I'm learning a ton, though I know I won't ever put it to serious use.

The rest of the evening consisted of watching the Dynamo game from the west coast and playing around with that DC Animated art toy.  It's far too addictive.  I did a half-dozen characters while watching the game.  I'll spare you my efforts, however.

So, all in all, a decent day.  I need to make myself go to bed now.
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