April 26th, 2008


Four points. Four. Lousy. Points.

[What follows is the arcane number-crunching that goes through my head most Saturday and Sunday mornings, with a good deal more disgust and pessimism than normal.]

Wow.  What an appalling day for my Fantasy EPL squad.  I rightly benched two of my stars because I knew they wouldn't play, but that's not remotely the worst of it.  Two other starters failed to play, so after substitutions, no points.  Two other starters played, but between goals allowed and a pair of yellow cards, I get one point off them. My keeper let in two and only managed a single save -- one point. Two others played less than a half between them, yielding another whopping two points.  My sole remaining sub, whose fate I won't know until tomorrow, is a defender for a team I'm rather leaning against (which is why I benched him in the first place).  If he has a bad game tomorrow, I hope it will be at the expense of my captain, which would be about the only saving grace this week.