May 1st, 2008


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If there's any justice in the universe, Ben Stein will be afflicted with a virus that has evolved a hefty degree of drug resistance.

Just sayin'...

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I'm back on the job today.  Much, MUCH better frame of mind.  I'm getting things done and not feeling quite so weighed down by the prospect of taking on all of this network management nuts and bolts.

And at the moment, I've got a bit of a lull, so I'm a-gonna talk about a few funny books I've been reading and what I'm liking a lot and not so much.  All opinions, as usual, are mine and mine alone.

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Iron Man tickets pre-purchased.  We're meeting my friend A for dinner and catching the 8:30 showing tomorrow night.  j_in_question already saw it and gave it high praise.  Though from what he told me, I don't think he stayed all the way through the closing credits (I've been spoiled and will be staying).  It's been a long time since I've been this amped for a movie.
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