May 4th, 2008


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This morning is the first time since Wednesday I haven't woke up with an incipient migraine.  I switched to a different sinus treatment last night, so let's hope that had something to do with it, because I'm now out of Imitrex until the 17th.  Vibes, crossed fingers, sacrifices to the god of headaches, whatever will be much appreciated.

In spite of that, it's been a fairly good weekend, if a bit out of our regular rhythm.  Jane's folks put an addition on their house (a new master suite) and Jane's been over there yesterday and today helping her mom clear out of her old room and move into the new one.  According to yesterday's report, they produced thirteen garbage bags worth of clothes, etc. for Goodwill.  The woman had 300 purses in her closet.  It could be worse, I suppose.  It could be cats.

As a result, I've been holding down the home front with C-Monster.  Yesterday, we went to get free funnybooks, and hit the local gamestore where I play Clix to see if they had anything interesting in the display case.  As it turns out, some guy is selling off a piece of his collection and there were a number of choice Uniques at decent prices.  I picked up a MODOK and a Krypto (Yes, Superman's dog.  It is very cute.)

Around 5 PM, we went to a fundraiser picnic for a friend who's running for the state legislature.  He's got a good shot at it actually, because his opponent is fairly universally reviled, even by Republican loyalists.  It was a good time, all in all, helped by some very cooperative weather.

Then, things got really odd.  We came home and let C-Monster play until a bit later than usual.  When he finally got to bed, he was constantly up and down and would NOT fall asleep.  Every time I thought he was out for the count and turned out the hall light, he'd start squawking about still being awake.

This went until about midnight.  By this point, my headache was getting worse and I was trying to decide whether or not to take the final Imitrex.  I'd ruled it out and finally shut the house down around 1 AM and apparently dosed off for a while.

At 2 AM, I woke up, still hurting.  I rolled over and got a face full of light.  What the hell?  Then I heard a TV on.  I got up.  C was wide awake, had his bedroom and the hall light on, was watching a movie on his TV and had just booted up his PC.  I got up, shut him down and turned out all the lights.  At which point, he began doing that forced fake sobbing thing that all parents of a manipulative child know all too well.  Which woke up Jane, who thankfully tagged in and got him settled down.

At 2:30, I gave up and took the last Imitrex, which kicked in and put me to sleep by 3.

And thankfully, there wasn't a new one waiting in the wings this morning.  Today is all about laundry.  And soccer.  And hockey.
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