May 7th, 2008


Update Full Of Blather

Yesterday was, physiologically speaking, headache-free.  This morning feels like today shall be as well.  Usually, I'm pretty good at anticipating these things, so let's hope that holds up.

Work-wise, it wasn't much worse.  I had a (L)user-based problem first thing in the AM, setting up someone's profile on a new machine, but that wasn't the poor computer's fault.  I had issues that required two trips to the main building to essentially flip a switch in order to get people up and running.  And in the afternoon, I had to go dismantle two workstations that are moving so I can re-mantle them this morning in their new office.  No big.  The one crisis occurred when I realized we weren't getting inbound internet email, nor could you navigate to our website or reach our remote server by name.  But pinging the IP address worked, so I figured out our DNS server was down.  I called the folks who host it, and learned they'd had a power issue and that it should have been up as we were speaking.  And it was.  I love it when a crisis comes up that I can 1) diagnose, and 2) diagnose as something not caused by a problem on our end.

I had some time to kill before pre-game dinner and wandered over to Borders.  Good move that.  When I was heading towards the checkout counter, I chanced upon the very pleasant Charlaine Harris signing copies of the latest volume of Jane's current guilty pleasure, the "Southern Vampire" series.  I got her to sign a copy to Jane, thereby garnering mondo Good Husband Points.  Also picked up the new Wild Cards hardback.  I followed the series religiously back in the day, and much more indifferently when they tried to revive it a few years ago, but this volume seems to be going for more of a generational break from the past.  So far, it's pretty decent.

Last night's game was a transition. Val leveled up.  Paladin's don't get much when they hit 10th, but he managed some nifty swag from prior adventures, and there's a damsel to court, and drow to kill down in the basement, so he's a happy camper all the same.

Starting some groundwork for a supers game I'm looking to run for j_in_question and a number of the Clix crew who don't live too far away.  Too early to tell what that's going to be like, but it's got the creative juices moving around a bit.

Finally, spare a thought for mechanteanemone, who was already dealing with recent bad job mojo and then lost her father yesterday. :-(
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