May 11th, 2008


Stuff That Won't Make a Bit of Sense to 99% of the Readership

The longest season in sports comes to another end with another EPL title for ManU.  Giggsy takes his 10th title and the record for appearances in a ManU uniform on the same day.  Chelsea made it vaguely interesting at the end, but they were never really in it this time around.  Too much playing for results instead of playing for wins.  My Reds came fourth, but they really need to make some serious changes, in personnel and strategy if they want to crack the top three, much less win the title.  Given their ownership situation, I'm not optimistic, but hope springs eternal on the Merseyside, and right now, we're tied for first in the 2008-2009 season.

Good show to Fulham avoiding relegation.  They've got the largest number of players from the USA on their squad, and it's important for our international team to get as much top-flight experience as possible.  Mr. al-Fayed, if you'd please spend some money on the team this next year instead of raising more questions about the deaths of Princess Di and your son, you might not have to squeak through again.

It appears FC Arkham will finish eleventh in the fantasy league, one place behind Jane's Slytherin 993.  Not as good as I'd have liked for myself, but I'm proud of her.  Clearly, my "No Ronaldo, No Chelski" policy played a big part of my undoing.  Next season, no such restrictions.

Fortunately, this summer won't be as bereft of things football as 2007.  A week remains in Serie A, and hopefully Roma can overtake Inter for the top spot. There's still the Champions League final in ten days, and the FA Cup final coming up.  Euro 2008 starts next month (Allez Les Bleus!).  We've got MLS all summer, and the Dynamo actually looked good last night, and there's Olympics as well, though I expect either a South American or African squad to take gold.
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