May 12th, 2008


One Last Football Related Thought

To:  The Premiership Announcing Staff At Sky Sports
Re:  American Goalkeeper Tim Howard

Dear Sirs,

Yes, Everton's star 'Keeper, Tim Howard, is an American.  For that matter, 20% of the starting goalkeepers in the Premiership this past season were born in the United States.  Yet, for some inexplicable reason, you seem incapable of mentioning the man in any other words than "American Goalkeeper Tim Howard," as if that were his entire name.  I've checked and it isn't. 

Given the relative paucity of actual English goalkeepers in the Prem, I thought perhaps this was being done to distinguish foreign-born talent from your native sons, in case Mr. Capello was watching and inadvertantly tried to name young Schmeichel to the national team.  But I haven't noticed you saying "Czech Goalkeeper Petr Cech," or "Spanish Goalkeeper Pepe Reyna," nor do you actually say "American Goalkeeper Brad Friedel" for that matter, so clearly this is a localized aberration.  At any rate, you can drop it.

Yrs Truly,

T. F. Bretz
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Inside Straight - A Review In Midstream

I'm still in the process of reading Inside Straight, the new-ish "Wild Cards" novel.  There's a lot to like in it.  But parts of it don't sit well with me and it took a while for me to put my finger on it.  Namely, it's the fact that much of the story so far revolves around "American Hero," a reality TV show where teams of Aces live together, face contrived challenges, and vote people off each week.

I hate such shows.  Despise them, frankly.  They hit a number of hot buttons for me, namely feelings of never being good enough to hang with the cool kids.

I'm going to stick with the book, because it's going in interesting places now that a number of characters are in Egypt, but I'm not going to feel less dirty about it.
Awesome Bear!

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Someday, somehow, I will use this image in a game:

It's an active volcano in southern Chile, engulfed by an electrical storm.  At least, that's the conventionally accepted explanation.  I'm pretty sure any GM worth his dicebag can come up with something more interesting/sinister/awesome.

(Additional, less spectacular pictures here)
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