May 14th, 2008


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Last night's game went pretty well.  The DM likes to experiment with the game and came up with some nifty supplemental "per encounter" and "per day" powers based on our characters' "superheroic" concept.  Orson Lamont, aka The Shedu shifted rather abruptly from a decent low-level psion to an information gathering cop bribing machine.  He is, however, the most fragile character I've played in years and I'm going to have to bear that in mind.  Fortunately, he's got some cool abilities I can use to lurk and skulk while rummaging around in people's brains.

This morning, I'm in fend off headache mode.  I forgot to take a Claritin-D last night and the migraine triggers are all lining up in a row.  As a result, I'm trying to lie low and take care of things that don't involve a lot of moving around.  I'm also training a new Pandora station ("Duotone Rainbow") just because I can.

Dammit.  I just ran out of skips for the hour.  This one is much harder to educate than Elfcore!!!.
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