May 16th, 2008


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Well, yesterday was a complete waste of time.  That headache I was fending off on Wednesday morning went full-blown by 3 in the afternoon or so and lasted for approximately 36 hours.  This morning, I did the math in my head and realized I should be able to refill the prescription today and promptly did so.

During the past two weeks, I did find a couple of things that helped some of the time, but no sure-fire fixes when the weather and my other triggers converge.

And I suppose it wasn't a total waste.  I managed a few hours where I wasn't feeling too badly and finished up the latest Percy Jackson novel on the *ahem* pretext of vetting it for anything I might need to filter over before I read it to C-Monster.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  And to be honest, there's one little bit I may decide to dance around slightly.  Riordan clearly expects his audience to age with the characters, so he's writing to early teens now and a matter of deific reproduction comes up that might raise more questions at Casa de Bretz than we really need at the moment.

By the way, this fourth volume is the best yet.  Really cool stuff with some imagery and ideas that need to be swiped for a modern mythological game like Scion.

Tonight should be a quiet one, with just Jane and I at home.  Tomorrow, we're supposed to move furniture for her sister, who's slated to drop baby #2 at any moment now.  I'm also going to try to take C-Monster to see the new Narnia movie and give Jane some downtime in the process.  Though I may wait until Sunday for that.
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The Vaguely More Interesting Thing That Happened

I'd nearly forgotten about this, as it all happened in sort of a migraine haze.

On Wednesday, around 3:30, I decided my head wasn't getting any better, so I cut out early and headed for home.  Since I wasn't up to cooking, I decided to hit Kroger for something for Jane to cook.  As I walk in to pick up a basket, this woman comes running up to the check stand, clearly distraught saying, "Stop that man! He tried to steal my purse."  She points to a guy leaving the store in a rather brisk and direct manner, but not running.

I noticed the staff weren't very quick on the uptake, so I decided the least I could do was trail the guy out until reinforcements arrived and try and figure out what was going on.  Once we were out of the store, he picked up the pace a bit and looked back at me.  Big guy.  Bigger than me, so that's somewhere over 6'1" and probably around 230-250 lbs.  At this point, any delusions I might have harbored about tackling an assailant fell by the wayside.  However, by that point I'd also ascertained from hearing the woman carrying on that he hadn't actually taken the purse, he'd merely attempted to do so.  So there was even less incentive to confront him directly, which was fine by me.

As it was I (and a couple of other folks) trailed him to his car, which he jumped into very quickly and pulled out, nearly hitting two cars in the process.  We got his description and license number which, under the circumstances, was probably the best case.  No one needs to get in a physical tussle with someone that large over a failed attempted robbery.

I still had to shop, and when I was going through aisles, I overheard another woman talking, who filled in the rest of the story.  Apparently, she'd been the one to catch the guy in the act.  He'd been walking the aisles with a shopping cart, and when he came upon a woman distracted by a small child, he grabbed her purse, dropped it in his cart and started off.  This woman saw him and loudly asked, "Is that your purse?"  When he said no, she took it from his cart and asked the other woman if it was hers.  During the ensuing confusion, the guy bolted.

Anyway, after I checked out, the woman who owned the purse pointed me out to the store manager, who asked if I could corroborate the other folks' story.  I did so, and gave him my name and number in case the cops need to get in touch with me.  In the grand scheme of things, not that impressive, but it did get the blood pumping just a bit.