May 17th, 2008


You Can Take The Middle-Aged Geek Out Of The Medievalists...

But you can't entirely remove the medievalist from the middle-aged geek.

A couple of months back, the Tuesday Night Game had to find new quarters on campus at Rice.  The new room is much nicer in terms of general amenities (other than lacking a whiteboard), but less convenient.  It also seems to be in a building that houses the art history department, judging from the scenery.

The other night, when we were walking to our room, something caught my eye in one of the offices.  A Madonna and Child scuplture.  Which my brain immediately filed under "German.  Late 14th or early 15th century. Doesn't appear to be a reproduction, but it's hard to tell at this distance."

Which led to all manner of vaguely conflicted thoughts.  First, the reminder that I've seen enough medieval artwork that I could make a snap classification like that.  Second, that I've seen enough medieval artwork that suddenly and randomly encountering a piece if art that's likely over 500 years old doesn't really faze me.  Third, wondering what useful life skills I might otherwise have had I not spent so much time studying medieval minutia.  Finally, a bit of frustration, since said sculpture was in a locked office and I couldn't get close enough to verify whether or not it was a reproduction.

My brain.  Where trivia goes to die.
Emo Superman

Should've Listened To My Mama

I know my LJ is like an ongoing role of infirmities.  For that, I apologize.  Could be worse though, could be bad sonnets.  Or good sonnets for that matter.

Yes, this is another one of those "Theron is in pain" posts.

Last week, Mom emailed me with an update on the family.  At the time, both of my younger brothers were in casts, the youngest for a sprained ankle, and L for torn ligaments in his elbow.  He's since gotten out of the cast and will be having day surgery next week to stitch them back together.  Joy.  Anyway, Mom jokingly told me to be careful and I dutifully reassured her.

And so Fate was tempted.

This morning, I went with Jane over to the In-Laws' to help her sister move some furniture ahead of baby #2, which is due in the next few weeks.  As it turned out, we weren't needed much, but I was asked to help S-I-L's husband move a rather cumbersome chest of drawers down to the garage.  Not a problem.

Halfway down the stairs, we encountered a problem.  The chest had an attached mirror frame that wouldn't clear the ceiling as we got to the first floor.  So, we braced it and took the frame off.

While I was unscrewing my side, I realize that I was standing really oddly, sort of twisted halfway around, with one foot on a higher stair than the other.  I also realized this position was uncomfortable.  Downright painful, as a matter of fact.  I shifted and it felt less awkward but not much less painful.  Nevertheless, I caught my breath and carried it the rest of the way down, then went to collect C-Monster to take him home, leaving Jane to the mercies of her family for a few hours.

Except after about a dozen steps, I decided this was a really, REALLY bad idea and decided to lie down instead.  Which I did for about an hour.  Took some Advil too, while I was at it.

I'm home now.  I think this is what they mean when they say "throwing out your back."  I've taken something in the muscle-relaxant family, I'm lying on a heating pad, and I'm under Jane's orders to remain so for the remainder of the day.  Possibly the weekend.
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