May 21st, 2008


Drive Safely, My Peeps

Yesterday, just after I got to work Jane called me up out of the blue to tell me she'd just gotten sideswiped.  Fortunately, she's OK.  It was a fairly classic side-to-side contact; the other driver was entirely at fault and her vehicle got the worse of it. There is a "Darlington Stripe" all the way down the left side of the Element though.

That's the plus side.  On the downside, when she called the other driver's insurance company, she found out their policy had lapsed.  So, we have to use our Uninsured Motorist coverage and pay the deductible ourselves.  Joy.

Then, last night, I get an email from Mom, informing me that DeNiece (age 19) and DeNephew (age 18) are both lucky to be alive.  Last Thursday, they were in DeNiece's car, along with two friends.  She was going too fast on a wet road, hydroplaned, spun off, and wrapped her car around a light pole.  Fortunately, she was driving a RAV-4, which fairly tanklike in its construction.  Thus, all four young idjits walked away and we're not attending funerals this week.  The car was totaled, needless to say, but as important life lessons go, this one was comparatively inexpensive.

I know these are two basically random incidents, but let's be careful out there, folks.  No need to give my mind another data point with which to construct a pattern.
Awesome Bear!

Breathing Room

Well, thanks to a most appreciated and unexpected gift from Jane's family (they sold off a parcel of land for a "tidy sum"), we're actually looking at getting our financial footing better secured than it's been in quite a few years.  Not that we've been hurting, mind you.  Just that there wasn't much in the way of a safety net.  Now, we've got some breathing room.  We can get our privacy fence fixed without either going in hock or spending the whole of our Gubmint Stimulus money.  Also, Jane and I are looking at going to NYC for a long weekend to celebrate our 15th anniversary later this summer.

That's the plan at this point, anyway.  In the short term, we need to fix the fence and buy a new mattress.
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