May 23rd, 2008


Afternoon Meanderings Before The Long Weekend

I'm bored.  I'm the only person in my department who's not off-site for the day.  The internet is being fairly un-entertaining.  Thus, I meander.

I've discovered I've become increasingly indifferent about The Order of the Stick. A year or two ago, it was my favorite webcomic, bar none.  Now, I find it's barely worth checking the RSS feed every other day or so.  I know the creator has health problems which keep him from a constant schedule.  To be fair, the gags are usually pretty funny and the art quality certainly hasn't slipped, but the story is just going nowhere.  And it's doing it very, very slowly.  The way he's dragged things out since Roy got killed over 100 strips again, the story has just crawled along.  The fun is largely gone, and my anticipation of what comes next has been replaced by a general lack of caring.

The pages of Justice League continue to amuse me, as Dwayne McDuffie manages to undo some more of Meltzer's dreadful plot decisions by playing the ball where it lies, so to speak.  Plus the Human Flame!  JSA still feels like I should be reading it in six issue chunks rather than on a monthly basis. 

Word is Marvel announced an eventual film adaptation of Runaways.  I wonder if it'll hit the theaters before Joss Whedon's next issue surfaces.

The newest issue of Marvel Adventures: Avengers is made of win.  The return of Jeff Parker to the book, and an all new story featuring Karl, the greatest henchman of all time.

I can think of at least three people on my FList who need this poster.  (Thanks to dindrane for pointing it out.)

Hopefully, before June is out, I'll have run some Champions for the HeroClix crowd.  I'm planning on doing something with Scott Bennie's Gestalt setting, probably a variation on his original New Columbians campaign. I need to work up a campaign introduction document this weekend. Frighteningly enough, I don't think I've actually GMed Champions for real in close to ten years.  But how hard can it be?
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