June 2nd, 2008

Count Dante

Vacation Agenda For The Week of 6/2 - 6/8

Today:  Reinstall Office on cow-orker's PC and run it by her office.  Get paid.  Possible lunch with Jane, since I'm already in town and have custody of the BlackBerry she left at home this AM.  Straighten up my study, it's already gathering clutter.

Tomorrow:  Finish cleaning bathrooms.  Mop kitchen floor.

Wednesday:  jkubenka and daughter arrive for visit.  Play by ear.

Thursday:  Wait for new couch to be delivered.  Possibly go get oil changed.  Go buy funnybooks if unable to work it into previous day's activities.

Friday:  Get up and head to San Antonio to visit family.  Hopefully catch up with kytherean_tx and/or other locals in the evening.

Saturday:  Take C and Mom to Seaworld.  Try not to get overheated.  Try to enjoy self while Jane goes on the scary rides.  See about taking Denephew to dinner ahead of his HS graduation on Sunday.

Sunday:  Drive home, collapse in heap.

(Bonus Round) Monday:  Back to work, accept delivery of new D&D books.  In the evening, go to Cure concert.

A Wee Warning

If you're running Windows XP and you have an AMD Athlon 64 motherboard (something lots of HPs have), do your homework BEFORE you try to install SP3.